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The composer behind sigilo is the gifted Colombian writer J Pulido Lopez. After graduating from Berklee College of Music he started his career as a film composer and has worked on various productions for feature film and TV ever since.
His musical language is extremly versatile, incorporating his own idiom to a contemporary scoring approach.

Tim Davies

Check out my mentor Tim Davies' homepage Debreved. It's a rich source for contemporary orchestration practices.

Tim is one of LA's leading orchestrators working in film, TV and games. He has developed several cool ways to enhance your orchestration process.

East Connection Music Recording

The team around Miklos Lukacs and the Budapest Art Orchestra is performing and recording scores and soundtracks on a professional high level that can compete internationally.

Martina Eisenreich

Martina Eisenreich ist eine deutsche Komponistin für Film und Fernsehen. 2016 durfte Dadora Music erstmals mit Martina für Fritz Böhms Film "Wildling" Orchestration und Music Prep übernehmen.

David Christiansen

I met David a couple of years ago @MediaSoundHamburg. David is a super talented composer and orchestrator who works with many European orchestras. I had the joy to work with him on several projects mainly in the field of video games. Check out his website.

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